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Are you complaint with the Estate Agency Board Of South Africa? Well, then register your Profile and showcase your skills and experience to attract leads – Create more buzz by displaying your active and sold listings, let your clients see what you have to offer and that you can be trusted to deliver quality service.  We are the ONLY platform for your reviews and ratings, as a professional in this day and age, customer ratings and reviews go a long way..... Take your business to the next level by creating your digital profile on this great platform!

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The Real Estate industry is flooded with lots of Agencies / Agents, and finding the right Real Estate Agent can be overwhelming. It’s not only about finding the right Estate Agent; it’s also about having peace of mind that the Estate Agent you choose is compliant with the Estate Agency Affairs Board of South Africa. Agent Profiles has made this easy by creating a platform that ONLY showcases the profiles of Estate Agents that are registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board of South Africa (EAAB)....Because we understand that knowing as much as possible about an Estate Agent is essential before signing that mandate, seeing reviews and ratings from clients they have worked with, will help you make an informed decision!

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