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19th Apr, 2017

REQUIRED DISCLOSURE BY INTERN ESTATE AGENTS Intern estate agents are reminded that they are obliged, pursuant to the provisions of regulation 2(4)(a) of the Standard of Training of Estate Agents Regulations, 2008, to disclose the fact that they are intern estate agents on all printed material relating to their activities as estate agents. They are required, therefore, specifically to disclose the fact that they are intern estate agents on, for instance,...

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Introducing agent profiles

06th Apr, 2017

Launch Of Agent Profiles in South Africa Fresh off the heels of the news of Real Estate scandals and scams comes the launch of a platform that will only feature Real estate agents that are registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board of South Africa (EAAB). Agent Profiles exists independently of the EAAB and it is an online directory that allows for potential buyers and sellers to research their estate agents before commencing with any property sale o...

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What to consider when buying a property

30th Mar, 2017

 Our two cents worth of advice to consider before buуing a рrореrtу, this will help you avoid unnecessary pitfalls. Guidеlinеѕ tо Buуing real estate in Sоuth Afriса Buying a рrореrtу will рrоbаblу bе one of thе biggеѕt рurсhаѕеs you will mаkе during your lifetime and it iѕ important tо gather as much information as possible in relation to your property search and transaction. You will аgrее thеrеfоrе, that ...

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